Waterproofing A Bathroom

The structural integrity and the life span of your bathroom primarily depend on containing the water and the moisture, 
as well as ensuring there is no possibility of leaks to occur. We do this by waterproofing your bathroom.


Many bathrooms are not waterproofed, they are just water resistant. This means that water and moisture is not 100% 
contained but has the possibility to move from one area to another over time, and therefore reducing the life of your
bathroom. Over the years we have renovated many bathrooms that were not waterproofed sufficiently, but continued
to leak and allow moisture to reach the home’s wall structure and sub floor causing the owners thousands of dollars 
worth of unnecessary damage.



At Zenith Bathrooms we combine our experience with Ardex waterproofing systems to give your bathroom a 
rating that surpasses Australian Standards. By constructing your bathroom using “waterproof materials” from 
ground up, and by using the latest waterproofing products and techniques, we are able to create a leak free 
bathroom that will not only give you peace of mind, but will let you enjoy your bathroom for many years to come.

Under tile water barriers
keeps water inside the
shower area
Construction using water resistant
materials to begin with, then
a waterproof membrane

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