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7 Smart Bathroom Ideas

A bathroom that is not designed properly is almost as bad as a bathroom that isn’t constructed properly. Here are some essential bathroom ideas to think about before beginning construction of your new bathroom.

1.  First view
First impressions are important; the same goes when you open the door to a bathroom. You don’t want to see a toilet but rather a beautiful vanity or a free standing bathtub.

2.  Lighting
The more light in a bathroom, the warmer and inviting it will become. Natural light is always the way to go. A large skylight will provide plenty of light during the daytime without needing any electricity. LED down lights are a good choice and energy efficient to run. If you are a person who enjoys spending a lot of time in the mrror, then a wall mounted light above the mirror is best. It provides diffuse light to the face minimsing shadows that a ceiling light would give.

3.  Easy clean
A bathroom that is easy to clean will make your life a lot easier and keep the bathroom beautiful and looking new. Having to clean behind toilets is practically a thing of the past now, thanks to back-to-wall toilets and in-wall cistern toilets. Everyone hates having to endlessly scrub grout lines, so consider having grout line widths of only 2mm. Sealing the grout once a year with a good quality penetrating sealer will stop mold and dirt penetrating the grout.

4.  Storage
In most homes bathrooms are usually small areas that require much storage space. So when there isn’t enough sufficient storage, we end up with shampoo bottles on the floor, and other items scattered everywhere, making the bathroom look messy. Things like alcoves, in-wall mirror cabinets and multi drawer vanities all help.

5.  Ventilation
To avoid making your bathroom a perfect environment for mould, fungus and bacteria, you need adequate ventilation. A good sized quality exhaust fan accompanied with a window is more than enough to keep your bathroom damp free. As a bonus, this will also help you avoid fogging up the mirror.

6.   Heating
Generally bathrooms are colder than the rest of the house, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Under tile heating is a great way of keeping a cold bathroom floor warm to the touch. IXL heating bulbs are great when coming out of a shower and a heated towel rack will keep your towels dry and warm.

7.  Hang a stylish mirror
A beautifully framed mirror over a vanity is very attractive and gives your bathroom a feeling of luxury.